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Seduction in the Sun
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Sunday, January 5th, 2014
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The Seduction in the Sun Box Set: 9 Sizzling Romances set under the hot sun… 1000 pages!


seduction in sun






Indulge in nine scorching hot romance stories that will whisk you away from the winter chill… with steamy new adult, sexy billionaires, and alphas wielding ribbons and rope, these books by bestselling authors will keep you warm throughout the cold winter nights.

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Included in the hot new “Seduction In The Sun” boxed set:

HANDS ON WITH THE CEO by Cathryn Fox writing as Cat Kalen

When a self conscious college sophomore takes an au pair job in Greece, sitting for a gorgeous billionaire CEO, she knows he’s just the guy to give her the sexual experiences she’s looking for. Too bad he’s hands off. Or is he?

ONE HOT WINTER BREAK by USA Today Bestselling Author Sharon Page

College student Mia Reynolds just broke up with her long-time boyfriend, Ryan, and gets an offer she can’t refuse from billionaire’s son Jonathon Powell: a week at an exotic resort. Jonathon’s wicked games intrigue Mia. But ultimately, is it Jonathon she loves… or Ryan?

SOMETHING BORROWED by New York Times Bestselling Author Adriana Hunter

What do you do when the one man you were meant to be with already belongs to another?

For Dana Marshall, new wedding planner and curvy single, “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” is the story of her life. But when she is assigned to help manage a dream wedding for an important client, nothing can prepare her for the encounter with the insanely handsome groom…

DEBT OF HONOR by New York Times Bestselling Author Opal Carew

Held captive by a domineering sheikh…
…and made to pay for a crime she did not commit.

Angelica couldn’t believe that hopping off a plane during a refueling stop to search for one-of-a-kind souvenirs could lead to so much trouble. Now she is detained in an exotic country by a devastatingly handsome sheikh… and ends up in his harem.

HOW TO TRAIN A LOVER- A SAVAGE INERACTIVE by New York Times Bestselling Author Daire St. Denis

Tessa’s off to spend some much needed R&R in the Greek Isles on the luxury yacht of playboy billionaire and sexual dominant, Alander Papadakis. However, when Alander breaks one of her golden rules, her holiday plans take a turn and she jets off–solo–to the island of Lesvos where she happens upon a mysterious young man from her past.
VEGAS HEAT by New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Hawkeye

Anna Phillips and her husband Austin are in a marital rut. In a last ditch attempt to save their marriage, they decide to take a road trip. The destination? The Last Temptation Resort and Casino in Vegas… which is also a BDSM club… with an enticing stranger.

BREAKING FREE by USA Today Bestselling Author Cherise Sinclair

A submissive, Beth must yield to become aroused, but after a sadistic husband, she’s too scared to give up control. The last thing she wants is a ruthless, powerful Dom. But that’s just what she gets.

THAT ONE TIME by New York Times Bestselling Author Marian Tee

23-year-old Ayah Chandler believes in love at first sight, and she should – since it only took that one time for her to fall head over heels. Billionaire Nic de Koningh grew up trusting no one but himself. But can love spring from one moment of connection?


Quinn and Declan enjoy having sex together, but love sharing a woman more. After months of searching, they’ve lost hope of ever finding a permanent third to complete them. Then they meet shy, reclusive Hannah and everything changes. They’ll have to do everything they can to convince her that two men are better than one.

Purchase your copy of Seduction In The Sun from:



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Blog Tour
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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
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Hey all, I’m on a blog tour this month.  If you’re want to know where I am on a particular day, here’s the list!

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Come chat with me
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Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
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Hey all,

I’m over at YABEYOND talking about teens setting a price limit on gift giving.  Come chat with me. I’d love to hear your opinion.

Book Lover’s Buffet
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Thursday, December 1st, 2011
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Come check it out.  All books on sale for the holiday’s for just $.99.  You won’t want to miss this.  Come stock up for the holiays!  Book Lover’s Buffet!

Coming soon
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Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

So a few fellow writers and I are working on a secret project, soon to be revealed.  We’re calling all teens readers and lovers of teen books to come play with us.  We’ll be giving away books, prizes and sharing excerpts.  You’re not going to want to miss it.  I’ll be making the announcement shortly, so stay tuned.

On another note I’m halfway through Pride Unleashed.  Wow, I never knew this story was going to take such a dark turn.  I sure do love it though and I hope you do to.  The reviews and emails coming in for Pride’s Run have been so wonderful and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to email me to let me know how you feel about Pride, Logan and Stone!

Take care everyone!

From the Ashes, Jo Ramsey
Thursday, November 17th, 2011
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It’s hard to get used to having good things in your life when you’ve only had negatives. That’s what Shanna Bailey is discovering  in my new novel From the Ashes, book five in my Reality Shift series. Shanna has spent her life with an abusive mother, but now she’s living with a caring foster family, and she isn’t quite sure how to handle not having to be afraid.

To some people, it probably sounds strange to say that you have to get used to not being afraid. Shouldn’t someone who is taken out of  a negative situation be happy? Shouldn’t they be able to just get over it and move on?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. When something bad happens, especially if it’s ongoing, it can be very hard to get over. Even if you consciously get past it and move on, you still remember the things that happened.

With help and support, though, you can change the way you think and get used to having a good life. In From the Ashes, Shanna has that help from her foster family, her  therapist, and of course her best friend Jonah Leighton, who has been there for her through everything she’s dealt with in the past several months. She’s looking forward to living her life without fear; she just needs to work on it a little harder to get there.

Today is release day for From the Ashes. Readers who have read the previous books in the series know what Shanna’s been through, and I hope they’ll be glad to see how  much things have changed for the better in her life. She still has work to do, and she still has a ways to go to make her life the way she wants it, but there’s definitely hope.



Shanna’s new life is taking some getting used to. So is the interest her friend Ken has begun to show in her. Shanna always thought Ken  only liked her because they were neighbors, but now he’s taking her to the Harvest  Dance and wants her to be his girlfriend. Shanna wants to trust him, but isn’t sure she can. What if he wants more from her than she’s willing to give?

Meanwhile, when a substitute teacher assaults one of Shanna’s classmates, Shanna becomes aware that the entity from another reality is once  again seeking a portal into our universe. The potential portal turns out to be the substitute. But the woman hates Shanna and is hiding a secret about her own abilities. How can Shanna and Jonah persuade her to let them work with her in time to prevent the entity’s transmigration?



What the heck is wrong with this school? I thought. A few weeks earlier, they’d hired a substitute for the health teacher. The sub had turned out to be an energy vampire, feeding on people’s energy fields and
messing up their chakras. He’d been the reason my vibration dropped low enough to appeal to the entity. Now they had a sub who assaulted students. This was just great.

“Mr. Walker said for everyone to change up,” I announced, pitching my voice to be heard by everyone, including Mrs. Chadwick. “Everyone go into the locker rooms. Now.”

I didn’t expect anyone to pay any attention to me at all. Some of their mouths dropped open, because they weren’t used to hearing me speak up. Fortunately, they all
listened and practically ran into the locker rooms. All except Kaycee, who stood by the bleachers with her hand against her cheek, looking shocked, and
Zack and another girl who seemed stunned by what they’d seen. I started over to Kaycee, and Mrs. Chadwick blocked me. “Who do you think you are?” she demanded,
fury turning her eyes into lasers. “You don’t have the right to tell the class what to do. I’m the teacher here.”

“Mr. Walker teaches here too, and he’s the one who told me what to say.” I swallowed hard.

Her anger was so strong it hurt, and I wished I’d kept my mouth shut. I didn’t know what she might do to me. She reminded me way too much of my mother right

She was the one who’d done something wrong, not me. I refused to let her see my fear. Jonah always told me to stand up straight, so I did now, pulling my shoulders back as
much as I could. The change in posture made me feel a little more confident.
“This is a gym class, after all,” I said. “Doing a gym activity is hard in street clothes. And changing up is part of our grade.”

“Shanna, don’t,” Kaycee pleaded. “She… she doesn’t like when people talk back.”

“Yeah, so I see.” I dodged around Mrs. Chadwick and went to Kaycee. “Are you all right?”

She shook her head, tears coming to her eyes. “I didn’t do anything! What’s wrong with her?” Her voice rose to a near shriek. I understood her fear. Being hit was
pretty traumatic, especially if you weren’t used to it.

I put my hand on her shoulder. I almost never touched people voluntarily. Jonah had taught me that human touch could be comforting and healing, and I knew Kaycee
needed the contact to help her calm down. “Come on,” I urged. “You shouldn’t stay in here. I’ll take you to the office.”

Mrs. Chadwick grabbed my broken arm, tightening her grip around the cast until her knuckles went white. “You aren’t leaving this gym until class is over. I’ve had
it with the disrespect in this class!”

Whenever my mother had grabbed me, I’d frozen. When Mrs. Chadwick grabbed me, I became furious. Especially since she shook my arm, increasing the pain that never
really went away. I bit back a yelp, yanked free of her and whirled around to face her. She took a step back. “You do not ever put your hands on me,” I
snarled through gritted teeth. “You don’t ever put your hands on any students, for that matter. I know what you did to Kaycee, and I can guarantee the
administration isn’t going to be pleased when I tell them.”

To learn more about From the Ashes please visit Jo’s website!

Daughter reading Pride’s Run
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Thursday, November 17th, 2011
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My daughter is halfway through Pride’s Run and she came to me last night and said, this book is so you.  She told me that she can read a sentence and already know what I’m going to say next.  I was so surprised by that.  I guess we put a lot of ourselves and our everyday sayings and languages into our stories without realizing it.  She also had the book marked up with sticky notes, pointing out things that she might have written differently.  🙂  But she said if it was anyone else’s book she wouldn’t blink an eye at it.  Since her mother wrote it, I wonder if that takes some of the enjoyment out of reading for her.   I think she might be getting me back for all the years I read over her school papers and suggested changes.

On another note I’m halfway through Pride Unleashed, and wow, did this story ever take a dark turn.  I really love Logan so I’m not sure why I’m torturing him so much!   Oh, and I just received the cover.  Just a few more tweaks and then I can unveil it.  I’m hoping to have this story up by late February!


OFF LEASH, Renee Pace
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Saturday, October 29th, 2011
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Off Leash
By Renee Pace


Chapter 1

I am suffocating inside my plastic lined steel-barred cage, dying with the thickening silence and quiet sobbing coming from the other room. Locked inside for more than half of the day, my body twitches for the feel of the brisk air that causes my drool to freeze to my face.
Big footsteps lumber down the stairs. Instinctively I cower as far back inside my cage as possible, lowering my body to the pee-stained blanket in an attempt to make my big frame small while keeping my eyes downcast. A whine slips from me when he kneels in front of the cage. Is he going to haul me out for a beating? He did it yesterday when I peed.
He stands, glaring at me with eyes full of hatred but then turns away, and just when I think I am in the clear he gives my cage a good hard kick, forcing it to almost roll over. At the last moment, I leap up forcing my legs wide to keep it upright. Task accomplished, I sit back down and wait.
He leaves. The door shuts loudly behind him. I relax.
Head on my paws, I try to sleep. Can’t. Standing again, I can barely turn around. My legs are cramping in the too-hot musky cage. Gnawing on the bars is useless. I know that from previous experience, except I’m bored and need to pee again. I know now not to bark. That gets me nowhere.
I start whining in earnest. My paws push at the hard plastic frame. I need to run. Doesn’t anyone understand? I need to stretch. I need to get out.
The doorbell rings.
At first I think she is going to ignore it. After all, when he came down the stairs she ignored me and sat like a frightened bird in the other room. The creak of the door opening excites me. She motions for someone to come into the room. A blast of frigid air hits me. I can almost smell freedom. Then the door shuts.
I hear footsteps from the other room as they move to where I’m caged. Hers are familiar because of the soft tread. The other steps are hesitant. My head goes up and my ears perk forward, but curiosity makes me cautious.
I look up. A boy stands in front of my cage. He’s shuffling his feet and he looks lost.
When the cage gets unlocked I try hard not to leap out. It’s too much. Stuck in that hole for too long, my back leg muscles flex with joy and my front paws jump up, almost pushing her, my owner, over.
A good loud command from her instantly forces my body to freeze. Following her pointed hand motions, I sit. She is all business. If I jump up again I will land back in the cage. Not understanding her words does not mean I don’t understand her meaning.
I look at the quiet boy. He’s nodding, not speaking.
My entire body itches to move. I lower my eyes. I force the stillness. I don’t even prance around. She talks fast, using hands to speak to the boy. Thrusting the leash into his hand the boy warily glances at me.
Great, another walker. I know now not to get attached. He might last a day or two with me, if I am lucky. Then he will move on to something easier…something inside where it is warm.
My heart speeds up when he gives a good tug on the leash and moves to the door. He acts all business-like, but the scent of his excitement, like the cool air now coming in from the slightly opened door is refreshing. We shall see who runs who.


To read more please visit

Static by Tawny Stokes
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Monday, October 24th, 2011
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Be careful what you listen to….

During the summer before her senior year, 17 year old band groupie, Salem Vale, has been following her favorite punk rockers, Malice, from gig to gig hoping that one night she might get backstage and meet the sinisterly sexy guys. She’s been saving her virginity for the lead singer Thane. One fateful evening she gets her wish. It’s a dream come true.

Except the dream turns to a nightmare when she wakes up in a dumpster, tossed away like yesterday’s trash, with no memory of what happened the night before. She feels strange, different, as if something is trying to get out. Soon she realizes she’s changing…turning into something not quite human.

Now a hunger deep inside claws at her to feed, to siphon energy from those around her. Before she can do just that, Trevor, the band’s roadie shows up and stops her from killing. With his help she learns to control the hunger inside, because he’s just like her. And in return he wants her help to do one little thing…

Help him kill the members of Malice.


To read more go here!


You can buy your copy on  Amazon or Smashword.

Exciting News
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Thursday, October 13th, 2011
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Pride’s Run will be releasing next month.  Cover will be up on the website soon and as soon as I have the exact date I’ll let you know.  Also, I’m working on Pride Unleashed right now and hope to have that available early 2012 so stayed tuned for details!  If you’re interested in keeping up to date with my releases please join my newsletter!

Hello world!
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Thursday, June 30th, 2011
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Welcome to the website of Young Adult Author Cat Kalen.  So nice to see you here!  I’m currently working on Pride’s Run, a dark paranormal that I’m very excited about.  To read an excerpt head on over to the Book page.  I’m also working on Pride Unleashed, the sequel to Pride’s Run and hope to have a blurb up soon.  Stay tuned for updates!

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