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Welcome September and a NEW release!
Wednesday, September 5th, 2012
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Well, August is behind us and we’re off to a rainy September.  Not that I’m complaining.  We’re desperate for the rain and sometimes it’s really nice to work while listening to the rain pelt against the window pain.  Now that the kids are back in school I’m hoping to become a little more productive. Summers are crazy around here, even though my kids are in their teens!

One thing I accomplished over the summer, was getting Pride’s Pursuit up at Amazon!  YAY.  It is available now, AND Pride’s Run is up for FREE TODAY. Yes, that’s right FREE!  Go grab your copy while you can.

Now that my Pride’s series is finished, I am working on a spin off series, with one of the characters from the books.  I can’t tell you who, and I can’t even tell you the title, otherwise that will give away the ending to Pride’s Pursuit!

So I’d like to share an excerpt with you on Pride’s Pursuit, and don’t forget to go to Amazon and grab Pride’s Run.You can just click here!

Pride's PursuitPRIDE’S PURSUIT

As I settle my thoughts, I can feel Stone inside my head, surfing around and sorting through the images in my mind, but before I can stop him, before I can tell him I have everything under control, the sound of the window smashing penetrates the quiet inside the cabin.

My eyes snap up and briefly connect with the officer’s before we both turn in the direction of the sound. My heart lurches as the hunter draws his gun and takes aim at the boy/wolf about to attack.

In a fierce possessive rage, Stone shifts mid air and dives for the man’s throat. The officer peels off a shot, but it goes wayward and lodges in the ceiling as Stone pins him beneath his big, beefy paws. Stone presses down on the man’s chest and the weight of the wolf forces the gun from the hunter’s hands.

Ruled by his primal side, Stone’s roar echoes in the stillness of the black night, and his large, deadly canines flash in the thin column of moonlight as animal bloodlust takes over.

“Stone, no!” I cry out, but there is nothing I can do to calm him, nothing I can do to stop the feral wolf bent on his own agenda.

Fear propels me forward and I let loose a loud howl as I prepare to pounce, but Logan steps in front of me to shield me from danger. Looking hard and dangerous as shards of silver bleed into a storm of blue within his eyes, I gulp air and wonder if he, too, is going to go wild on me. But when I look at him, really consider the boys standing over me, I see him for what he is. Strong. Steady.

In complete control of his wolf.

“Don’t go near him, Pride,” he warns. “Not when he’s like this.”

With that, Logan tears off his clothes and shifts. Despite having just warned me, he flies through the air, his beautiful streamlined body catching lift before he clamps down on the back of Stone’s neck. An explosion of violence erupts in my ears as he gives a savage shake of his head. Stone yelps, his jaws unhinging as the powerful alpha tears him clear off the hunter’s body.

Panting hard, the officer lets loose a cry and scrambles backward. He swipes the blood from his neck and reaches for his gun, but even in the middle of a deadly battle Logan has enough foresight to kick it my way before the officer can grab it. It scuttles across the wood floor, out of my reach.

As the situation goes from bad to worse, my glance locks with the officer’s, and I know our thoughts are running in the same direction. We both dive for the gun at the same time, but I manage to reach it seconds before he does. He lands with a hard thud, and I quickly tuck the weapon into the back of my jeans then grab hold of his shoulders to drag him away before he gets caught in the crossfire.

With my breath coming in ragged bursts, I turn my attention to the two alphas. While neither is packing silver, they’re both packing deadly fangs, and even though we have regenerative abilities, there is no way a wolf can come back from a torn and shredded jugular.

In an untamed fight that could end in death, Logan and Stone roll across the floor, and the fresh scent of blood fills the air as they rip into each other’s flesh. Frantic, and knowing I need to neutralize the situation before one of them ends up dead, I give the officer a deadly glare.

“When I’m done with these two, you have some explaining to do,” I warn between gritted teeth, then pull the gun from my waistband.

I hold it over my head, but the officer jumps me, his large palm wrapping around my wrist. As he shackles my arm, I call on all my wolf strength and prepare to break free from his death grip.

I jerk away, but when he says, “Don’t, they’ll hear it,” my brain comes to a screeching halt.

As I digest his words, my eyes study him and when I see real worry lingering in the depths of his gaze, I understand what he’s saying, what he’s warning me about. It also becomes glaringly apparent that if he was really working against me, he surely would have let me fire and signal his team.

Taking that as a good sign, I announce, “They already heard one shot.” A shiver moves through me as I look out the smashed window and listen for signs of his comrades’ approach.

The two wolves crash against the cabin wall and the floor below me shakes violently. Blood smears on the wooden slats, and I have no idea how this fight will end, because while both wolves know each other’s strengths they also know each other’s weaknesses.

2 comments to “Welcome September and a NEW release!”

  1. Dorian T. Gray
    January 1st, 2013 at 10:39 pm · Link

    Congratulation! And I like what I read there.

  2. Jenna Checkley
    June 11th, 2013 at 8:05 am · Link

    hi, i just wanted to say that your books had me hooked! i read Pride’s Run on wattpad, and proceeded to buy the second two on amazon! they were so great i read Pride Unleashed in three days and Pride’s Pursuit in two! i was just wondering, why do pride’s wolf and her have different coloured eyes? congratulations on three great books xx