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He’s Home!
Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
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Okay, so my life has been in a total chaotic mess for about two week now …and that started as soon as my son got home from university.  He hasn’t been here long but wow, did he ever pick up some bad habits while he was away.  Um, I’ve been teaching you to put the toilet seat down since you were old enough to use it, and what’s with all the dishes on the counter every morning.  I haven’t been too hard on him though, since he’s leaving for Vietnam on Friday.  Yes, he’s going to Vietnam! Half way around the world from where we are!  I’m still having a hard time wrapping my brain around that one.

He accepted a three month internship at the Canadian Consulate in Vietnam, and while he’s beyond excited, I have eight new ulcers.  So in the two weeks he’s been home, work has pretty much gone to the way side for me.  I’ve been helping him arrange needles, doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, travel Visa, bank visa, housing in Vietnam, plane tickets (30 hour flight, kill me now!) etc…

I really am enjoy these few short weeks we have together, but I have to tell you, I’m missing Pride, Stone and Logan.  I feel like those three are my kids too and I’m so anxious to get back to telling their story.

So in the meantime, before I rush my son off to his next appointment, I’m going to leave you with this excerpt from book three!  Unedited, of course!

Pride's PursuitPRIDE’S PURSUIT, Cat Kalen, coming Fall 2012

At the mention of Logan’s name, Stone’s eyes darken to a deadly shade of black and his nostrils flare.  He rakes his hair from his face, only for it to fall forward again.

His jaw tightens and I brace myself because I know what’s coming next.  “You don’t have to go back you know,” he says.

I look away from him, anger erupting inside me.  “Yes, I do.”  I say the words out loud as I cut the mental connection between us.


“Haven’t we lost enough, already?” I ask, trying to keep my voice from rising to the point of hysteria as the others begin to stir around us.  “Our childhood, our parents, our freedom?”

I glance back at him in time to see silver shards bleed into his black pupils.  “We could end up losing more,” he warns.

My stomach rebels when I see the raw, tortured look on his face, his worry hitting like a fist to my gut.  I suck in a hurried breath and it’s all I can do to inflate my lungs.

“And we could end up winning,” I counter, sounding more breathless than I would have liked.  “Either way, you know we have to try, and I’m not about to walk away from Logan’s family.  They’re missing because of me, Stone.”  I wave my finger back and forth between the thin column of space between our bodies.  “Because of us.”

The air between us charges, a volatile eruption of emotion that neither of us can keep in check.  I’m sure anyone within a fifty mile radius can feel it, and if we don’t get it under control it will surely trigger a reaction from the wolves around us.  Stone fists his hands, his predatory glance going from me, to Logan, back to me again.

“Logan never should have let you go back to the compound.  You were finally safe and he should have ensured you stayed that way.  It only proves he can’t take care of you the way I can, Pride.”

When I sense his mounting fury, I work to keep my own anger in check and try to reason with him, but as I do it simply reminds me that he’s been imprisoned his whole life and is reacting the only way he knows how.

“First,” I say in a calm voice that belies my emotions, “it wasn’t Logan’s choice to go back it was mine.  And I wasn’t safe, Stone, inside the compound or out.  What happened here proves that.”  I wave my hands around.  “I could have been a part of all this.  None of us will ever be safe until we stop the PTF.”  I lower my voice, and add, “Besides, did you really think I’d leave you there, to suffer at the hands of the master while I basked in my freedom?”  I give a slow shake of my head.  “Maybe you don’t know me so well, after all.”

“You’re wrong, Pride.  I know you better than anyone knows you, maybe even better than you know yourself.”  He goes quiet for a long time, then his voice is dark, grief-stricken, and completely possessive when he finally says, “I let you walk away from me once.  But you came back and now that we’re together again, I won’t be able to let you do it a second time.”  He exhales slowly and adds, “I can’t.”

When I hear the need in his voice, a storm rolls through me and my gut clenches.  “Stone, please.  Don’t.”

“I can’t, Pride.”  He gives a slow shake of his head.  His hair falls forward to mask his eyes, but it does nothing to hide his emotions when he says, “I won’t be able to make it through it.  Not again.”



3 comments to “He’s Home!”

  1. PJ Sharon
    May 9th, 2012 at 12:48 pm · Link

    Edited or not, fabulous scene! I’m riveted already…

    Enjoy the boy while you can and simply put up a sign in the bathroom, “If you can’t shoot straight, sit.” Or if the issue is leaving the seat up, “Put the seat down, or there will be a padlock placed on the refrigerator.” That usually gets them! Who says the punishment has to fit the crime? Boys need extreme measures, and you have to hit them where it hurts…chow…just sayin’.

    Good luck getting him out into the world and GET BACK TO WORK! Can’t wait for the next book 😛

  2. Renee Pace
    May 9th, 2012 at 6:07 pm · Link

    Cat have no idea how you do it. I’d be more than a mess. He’s such a great kid and you’re an amazing mom. By the way is that the new cover – so love it. Love this series!!! 😆

  3. Kathy
    May 15th, 2012 at 1:17 am · Link

    Wow! You really know how to deliver with a bang and keep us on the edge of our seat. Thank you for the sneak peek into the new book, it was great.

    I’m sure you’re enjoying every moment you spend with your son, in spite of the nervous break down…… 😉

    Best wishes to both of you and most of all, safe travel to your son.

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.