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Challenging Authority figures
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Wednesday, April 18th, 2012
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A few years back in the small community I grew up in, there were some ‘issues’ at our local high school.  Apparently there was a fight between two girls and some say drugs were involved.  A female police officer was called into the school and she rounded up the students involved as well as the girls who were in the vicinity or who’d watched the action unfold.

This officer brought the girls into the principal’s office one by one and apparently made them strip down to their underwear to determine if they were hiding any drugs.  One girl, who was a top student and athlete and had nothing to do with the fight, refused to remove her clothes.  Angry and crying she stormed out of the office, pulled out her cell phone and called her mother.


As you can imagine, this was big news.  It made the papers which led to an investigation into the officer’s conduct.

I remember thinking how difficult it must have been for that young girl, who had to have been completely intimidated by this officer, (an authority figure), to stand up for herself and walk out.  Out of all the students pulled into the office, she was the only one to flee, even though many knew what was taking place was wrong.

I’m proud of her for her stand and wonder if I would have been as courageous if it were me.  In my household we’ve always been taught to respect authority figures, but I think it’s also important to teach teens that just because a person is an authority figure it doesn’t mean what they do is always right.  It’s frightening, because today we see more and more authority figures taking advantage of their position than ever.

In Pride’s Run, Pride is a shape shifting werewolf who is kept leashed by a cruel master who doesn’t want her to question his authority.  His goal is to break her, like he’s done to so many wolves before her.  Pride knows what he’s doing is wrong, and while no other wolf has found the courage to stand up to him, Pride know she has to be the one to make a stand.

With the inner strength of few, Pride faces many challenges and obstacles in Pride’s Run, but the real question is will she get out from under her master’s control, or will he finally break her, too?

Have you ever had to stand up to an authority figure? How did you handle it?

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