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Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
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Yesterday PJ Sharon was talking about her office space and it was timely for me because before I read her post, my hubby took pictures of my office space for one of my publishers newsletters. I think a lot of readers as well as other writers are interested in seeing where we spend most of our days creating out stories.
So I’m happy to be here today to share my Cat Kalen writer space with you all and tell you how I came upon such a terrific writing space!
Two and a half years ago we moved from the valley to the city. I had a very tiny office filled with big furniture. My husband built my desk, which I refer to as deskzilla, and a huge bookshelf that prevented me from being able to close my office door. So when we built the house we’re in now, I was lucky enough to design my own office right on the main level with lots of windows and natural light.

Here is a picture of deskzilla which doesn’t seem eat up the space at all!



Here is my camel. He looks over my shoulder when I’m working and makes sure I get my word count in.




Here is my office chair where I can sit back, have a cup of tea and read. I used to have a big sofa here but the chair, table and fireplace was a Christmas present to myself.




Here is my bookshelf. I finally get to display all the books I love! So that’s my space and I feel like the luckiest writer in the world!

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