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Daughter reading Pride’s Run
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Thursday, November 17th, 2011
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My daughter is halfway through Pride’s Run and she came to me last night and said, this book is so you.  She told me that she can read a sentence and already know what I’m going to say next.  I was so surprised by that.  I guess we put a lot of ourselves and our everyday sayings and languages into our stories without realizing it.  She also had the book marked up with sticky notes, pointing out things that she might have written differently.  🙂  But she said if it was anyone else’s book she wouldn’t blink an eye at it.  Since her mother wrote it, I wonder if that takes some of the enjoyment out of reading for her.   I think she might be getting me back for all the years I read over her school papers and suggested changes.

On another note I’m halfway through Pride Unleashed, and wow, did this story ever take a dark turn.  I really love Logan so I’m not sure why I’m torturing him so much!   Oh, and I just received the cover.  Just a few more tweaks and then I can unveil it.  I’m hoping to have this story up by late February!


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